Friday, September 20, 2013

Master Lanto: You Are Full And Conscious Divine Beings

Another spot-on message...and the hits just keep coming!
 DT the ET

Channelled By Fran Zapeda On Sept.19, 2013 

Master Lanto:

Hello dear ones, It is I again, Master Lanto, bringing you wonderful news on your progress in your ascension process.

As it stands right now, your illumination and the development of your crystalline bodies has increased tenfold, even a thousandfold from just a little bit of time ago.You are growing and expanding in leaps and bounds and your radiance is astounding and magnificent. You are all looking like beautiful stars to us here in the Celestial and Galactic Realm.

And my dear ones, you are just becoming brighter day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second, as is translated into your linear concept of time. In the Now, you can be considered expanded to full capacity, in that you are BECOMING that very thing as you develop further in each Now moment.

And the coming days are opportunities for even more divine balance and radiance. For you keep building upon yourself to make the perfect illumination in this Now moment. It takes time in your perception to fully realize it, but consider yourselves the perfect illumination and radiance in this Now Moment for YOU. And in doing so, you make room for further expansion as you return to Oneness and Source.

And this may seem a little mind-boggling, dear ones, but as you expand your consciousness and perception of Reality, you will be more comfortable with this idea and know it is the Truth.

And consider yourselves now within a beautiful waterfall of glistening rainbow colors. Allow the droplets to absorb into you, imparting all colors of the rainbow, and consider the colors building upon themselves to include colors and rays not ever seen with your naked eye. Consider the possibility of colors of even deeper hue and radiance, and of a transcendent and translucent quality, that you can imagine. And allow them to enter your Light Body. See a kaleidoscope of colors within and without your body and immerse yourselves, dear ones.

Yes, you are becoming radiant stars of colors, form, geometry and shapes unique to your own energy signature, unique to your own emerging crystalline body, the potential of which is already manifested in full, and the “lag time” is only in your perception. For consider yourselves complete and whole in your divinity, and your physical perception will catch up to that Reality as you grow in consciousness. And these coming days of expansion, and energy and light influx will just prove to be “icing on the cake”.

You are magnificent and stellar in your divinity and radiance and purity. Your perception of this will just catch up as you “let in” this Reality. You are full of majestic wonderment, building upon yourself with each stretch of your consciousness to allow your understanding of your true nature.

And so be it, dear ones, so be it - So be it that you are full and conscious Divine Beings just waiting for you to realize it, for you to accept it, and to honor it. For now is the time to fully step into this Reality.

I AM Master Lanto, and with this I bring you further understanding of your true radiant Divine Selves. Take it in and ponder it, dear ones, for you are in for such a beautiful yet quiet revelation of your true nature.

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