Saturday, September 14, 2013

Expanded Grand Portal Activity Engages Cosmic Energetic Connections For All Hue-Beings

Channelled By EirePort 9-14-2013

Expanded grand portal activity engages Cosmic energetic  onnections for all Hue-Beings at this moment. Such connections are necessary at this time to precursor the “full disclosure” chapters.

All Hue-Beings experience heightened sensitivities at all levels, including 3D body extremities such as hands/fingers, feet/toes, mouth/tongue/teeth, and crown chakra.

Recommended for Hue-Beings at this time are Self-patience, rest (physical), and stillness, as Higher-D DNA alterations proceed. Resulting eventually in the Cosmic-ready DNA energetic grid required for Cosmic Hue-Being Ascension process.

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