Friday, September 20, 2013

Theo On This Moment Of NOW


Channelled by Maryann Rada 

(Ed. syntax corrected)

Greetings to you, lightworkers and dark lovers of Earth! I am of a group of high-tensegrity beings of a dimension of light who go by the name of Theo. Theo is the vibration of my name, and I speak for the group, so this is how I introduce us to you. You have our love and our light in your hearts if you are of the golden rays of the sun of Sol and Alcyone, and this describes a great many of you on the planet trying to get through the present time of acceleration in one piece.

We are speaking to you now as beings to whom you are related, through the common humanity of Lyra, and of whom you will learn more in the days ahead. We have been to the planet in the Ages of Heroes and Saints, and we will come again in the near future to regenerate the vibration of remembrance among those of you who wish to remain on the New Earth of long inception and creation. Let us ramble a bit about those things, and we shall see where we end up!

New Earth is forming now. It is taking form beneath the layer of illusion that slowly, methodically, and steadily is breaking away. New Earth will come into full form when the vestiges of old Earth in the Now of Time dies completely. Some people have choices to make regarding where they will be investing their energies, yet the option for migrating to the New Earth is one that remains open to all until the final act of Event-mode is complete. At that point, there will be a distinction between old Earth and New Earth, and those of either dimension will be unable to interact with the other.

 It is something many of you are sensing, at this point, but it is also something that is inevitably terra-forming within you as a people, whether you can define the sensations of change or not. When the dimensional transitional division between the old and new is complete, so will you be as a people, at Home in the Spiritual Garden of Sun-drenched Is-ness that you will instantly know as Home. It is not for everyone, mind you, but it is for a great many who now live in the last days of the planet as it now is.

We have made it known that there will be masive support for Earth’s population in the challenging days that are upon you. We are aware of every nuance of the problems in their multiplicity that you have been adjusting to learning and facing your fears about. They are real and they are understandably scary, especially if you are without any kind of support other than that which you have been accustomed to, and that is something else that is disappearing.

We are on the next wave set to break upon the shore of your world, as soon as the dials are synchronized for starting. It won’t be much of a secret for long, dear friends! We are giving a tip of the hat to you now, as our world and yours are about to become a new One altogether. In the meantime, know that we are prepared to help with new insights, new technological mainframes, and new ways of understanding how to rebound from the trauma that you are now enduring, to whatever extent you perceive it.

When the final longitudinal axis cuts loose from its moorings in the Matrix of Time, your world will finally register itself in the temporality of a New Age of Galactic Truth and entirely new-to-you ways of being. It will be our great honor to be bringing these greetings to you personally at that time, to offer our hand in friendship and camaraderie, to say that we are here for your world’s entry into the environment of energies and time travel, free living, responsible loving, open awareness of who we are, where you have really been all this time, and your true heritage as galactic humans and interstellar travelers. We are looking toward the time that we can reveal all the stories and truths and libraries to you and bring you up to date on what’s been happening in the stellar neighborhood that holds your planet in security and love.

Every one of you has the right to decide for him- or herself what the future of Earth could be. We are not here to detract from that universal movement of your global population in any way; in fact, we are most interested in watching from where we are in the knowledge that you are integrating yourselves into a new humanity, knowing that the world is going through the changes of light-impulsed alchemical transformation, and that everything in the entirety of what is is, in truth, on track for the greatest transition into light-coding ever witnessed by human eyes.

We are here to be of assistance, to be of silence for now, and to be in the front lines of intergalactic community-building in the near future. We love every one of you as friends and family, and we will be in the thick of mind-released understanding as you find yourselves suddenly free from oppression and trauma-based control mechanisms. We know what you’re dealing with, even if you don’t know the full scope of it. Many of you have an idea, and many of you have already released yourselves from the worst of it. We will be happy to help you come into Sensory Harmonization with a New World when the time comes.

Until then, know that we have the highest respect for you, and will speak with you again of greater things to come. We leave you now in peace, and with the love of our common humanity and the light of the highest source of Love within our hearts and yours. We are Theo, and we bid you Toein Te-the Peace of Universal Harmony.

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