Thursday, September 26, 2013

The World of God

Heavenletter #4689

God said:

Welcome to the World of God. It has a special name. It is called Heaven. It is a beautiful frictionless place to be. Its true location is in the Human Heart. Another name for Heaven could be Vastness. 

Certainly, there are no encumbrances in Heaven, nothing to get in the way of Purity of Heart. There are no arguments, no opposites, nothing extraneous, nothing to get in the way of rising to Heaven. Heaven is smooth-running all the way. No obstacles. Of course, how could there be obstacles to the smooth-running of Heaven?

Heaven is within everyone’s heart. Heaven is really not this distance that you allow it to be. It is so close that We can say that Heaven is no distance at all. It’s only a trick of perception that allows Heaven to be a somewhere sometime later. Heaven does not have to be transported to you. It is already within you. Much the same as when you can’t find your eyeglasses, and they are right on your head.

With Heaven, trouble does not exist. There is no concept of trouble, so how can trouble exist? Ease in operation exists. Love exists. Love is the oil that makes life smooth-running. You can’t beat love, beloveds. Hard work doesn’t beat it. Intelligence doesn’t beat it. Money doesn’t beat it. Long-suffering doesn’t beat it. Love is unbeatable. Your curriculum is love, love as it is, love wonderful, love full, love bountiful, love everything.

Love, left to its own devices, is the state of Heaven. Do not hold life responsible for keeping you away from Heaven. There is a clog in your own heart. There is only one cure for unblocking this clog or cog, and it is love.

Ah, if but only you put love in your guidance system. Love is at the helm.

What is as vast as love? What is vaster than the consciousness of the heart? What can be vaster than the Vast? You are Vastness Itself.

As vast as the ocean is, you are vaster.

As vast as the sky is, you are vaster.

As vast as the human heart are you.

You are the whole range of existence.

You are not this temporary being that you have thought you are.

Of course, you have been a little blind, yet today We focus on your full range of vision. It is yours. You can see deeply into each heart and recognize that it is yours.

There is One Heart in all of Existence, and it is Mine. I gave it to you. You cannot be without it except in your understanding of what heart is.

It is not mush. It is not indeterminate. It is not a push-over. It is great brilliance. If your heart is not brilliant now, it is because you have given it false instructions. Somehow or another, you have hardened your heart. Hardening is not strengthening. Hardening is hardening. Hardening is closing. Closing is not love. Reaction is not love. Love arises from within you, not from outside you. 

Your heart – We call it yours when, all the while, it is Mine and everyone’s – is Infinite and Eternal. That is how We can share One Heart. Only in Vastness can hearts be shared as One. The physical beat of your heart is one thing. The eternal beat of your heart is infinite, infinite in love.

Of course, We are speaking of love beyond the physical. We are speaking of the endless heart that knows no lessening, that knows only fullness, that knows how to love, not in a maudlin fashion but love… but love… love like Mine. It flows. It knows no disturbance. It is wise, this love. It is not fraudulent. It is not an attempt. It is love, love as I know love, and love as you will know it and give it for all of Eternity. Infinite Love. Love worthy of the name. You will soon have My love to burn! Yet, of course, not a drop of love will be wasted. There is no too much love. There is only love.

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