Monday, September 30, 2013

Archangeloi Of The ELOHIM - The Return Of The Blue Rays Of Consciousness


Channelled By Karen Doonan On Sept. 30, 2013
Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as the New Earth now begins her ascension process into the higher dimensional timelines of consciousness. We are here to explain what is meant by higher dimensional timelines of consciousness and to allow you from a very human perspective to allow that which is now unfolding in your human life experience the ability to expand and grow at levels that you are unaware of at at a conscious waking mind level.

Those who are now transitioning into the New Earth are going through the process of detoxing from the lower dimensional timelines frequencies, this sees many aspects of their human existence both challenged and dissolved, the frequencies unable to flourish due to the cellular changes that take place within the human vehicle as it goes through the transition process. Many of you are filtering out the cellular changes to your DNA and the construct of the human vehicle into which you have incarnated as you cannot physically see the changes. We guide for clarity beloved ones that ALL is changing at cellular level within the human race at this time.

There is a spectrum of frequency that has been excluded from the dimensional space in which Mother Earth used to reside, we have guided clearly on the movement of Mother Earth to the Universe of 3 in TRUTH and have explained the expansive and nurturing energetic space that this is in relation to the creation of the dreams that reside within the heart space. The movement of Mother Earth to a higher dimensional frequency has seen more and more energetic streams of consciousness begin to flourish upon and within planet earth. This has allowed the BLUE RAY consciousness to begin to flourish and expand in its presence upon and within planet earth.

As ALL is energy then many of you may be filtering out that which cannot be seen by the naked human eye and we are here to clarify your inner vision for the FEELings that are now flooding across and within planet earth are the creation and expansion of this RAY of consciousness. It is often termed in association with AA Michael, many of you in your human form have expressed the BLUE RAY consciousness in relation to AA Michael and his “sword of TRUTH”. This is but part of the story as it were (to use very human terms and context).

This energetic dimensional consciousness has been prevented from stepping onto planet earth under the old 3d earth paradigms due the frequency of planet earth. A base frequency has to be established before streams of consciousness can flourish and this will be shown over and over to you in your human form. This frequency is now flourishing upon planet earth, it is the sword of TRUTH in relation to TRUTH being shown on the planet and within the human race. It is not a person as such and that is the distortion that has been created to lower your power under the old earth paradigm. Whilst you called on AA Michael you gave your power away for you were identifying to another OUTSIDE of SELF.

We are here to clarify that this consciousness is AVAILABLE TO ALL for it now floods across and within planet earth and is now floods within and around ALL human vehicles. As you download the LIGHT codings and work to anchor the New Earth frequnencies you are ingesting and downloading the ability to work with the BLUE RAY of consciousness at human conscious waking mind level. This returns your power to SELF for it is not external beloved ones, it is INTERNAL and you will recognise it in TRUTH, for it is part of you at SOUL level and now this part comes to connect with you at your human conscious waking mind level.

We ask for you to process our words through the heart space for the HEART KNOWS and
RECOGNIZES TRUTH and you will FEEL TRUTH. The old earth paradigm creating a section of “BEings” that were outside of your influence, were outside of the race that you were taught you belonged to, that is the human race. These energetic frequencies are now allowing the full impact of the New Earth energies to be pulled through the human vehicle in order to further purify it from the lower dimensional timeline frequencies and are allowing many to create the life that is birthed in the dreamtime. This will see many miracles birth upon and within planet earth and we ask for ALL to honour their own SOUL guidance in relation to the use of this frequency.

We understand that at a human conscious waking mind level that many of you may reject our words, so deep is the teaching around “BEings” within the old 3d earth paradigms that many will trigger and reject our guidance and that is the reason we ask for you to process our words through your heart space. There is nothing that is EXTERNAL to SELF, ALL IS WITHIN beloved ones and the old earth knew this and created distorted frequencies that upheld the teachings of distortion created to allow you to view parts of SELF as external. This is not TRUTH and is not supported within the New Earth. ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS. Many of you walk this planet in human form unable to relate to who you are in TRUTH due to these distorted dimensional frequencies.

To believe that another is more powerful that YOU is distortion beloved ones and we are here to help you illuminate your inner vsion and anchor TRUTH to new levels of your BEing. The LIGHT that now pours across and within planet earth is illuminating the heart space of ALL at this time, the heart space is the seat of your POWER for it is the connection out to your SOUL. YOUR SOUL is vast and eternal and ALL knowledge sits at this level.

At this time you are asked to connect fully to the heart space and to align fully with your SOUL, from
this ALL else flows. We are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM beloved ones and WE ARE YOU in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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