Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saul: The Changes Have Been Planned Very Carefully and Wisely by the Upcoming Leaders

Channeled By John Smallman On Sept. 1, 2013


A major turning-point has been reached as it becomes apparent that the citizens of the industrialized world are not prepared to back the leaders who would take them into yet another senseless and utterly inappropriate military adventure. Yes, there is suffering and heartbreak in Syria, caused by years of divisive attitudes and policies, and it needs urgent, thoughtful, and compassionate attention.

It does not, however, warrant armed intervention from nations whose government leaders believe themselves to be better able to resolve the issues than those who are directly involved: the Syrians themselves. The arrogance that attitude demonstrates is truly mind-blowing. It would also appear that other factors are at work here which no one is talking about, even at governmental levels, because they concern secret agendas that cannot be admitted to. Those who wish to intervene militarily are not too seriously concerned with what is best for the Syrian people.

Syria is a country that has been internally divided against itself for a long time in human terms, as are many countries in the Middle East, and the self-serving involvement of the Western industrialized nations in the region has not helped the situation. In this New Age, peoples of the world are once more seeking self-determination, as is their right. With self-determination, people tend naturally to form smaller social and cultural groups which harmonize far more effectively than large masses, and they are not so inclined to seek to control or manipulate other groups, let alone neighboring nations.

The large nations that were formed over the last few centuries are not natural entities. The leaders of large nations do not wish to be aware of, let alone are they desirous of, providing for the needs and wishes of smaller groups of citizens within their boundaries. On the whole these leaders are extremely ambitious men and are chasing power and influence on what they see as the “world stage,” and have very little interest in the needs or desires of those they were elected to serve. They pander to minorities, making promises to them, when elections are impending and their votes are needed, but, as you are well aware, very rarely do they even attempt to deliver on those pre-election promises. In any case, on the whole the promises they make are well beyond their power or intent to deliver.

The enormous disturbances occurring all across the globe at present – political, economic, religious, social, and cultural – are part of the essential changes that the New Age is bringing in. The vast majority of humanity is fully in favor of change, recognizing that it is only through enormous recasting of the systems and organizations that presently control and direct the lives of citizens that world peace can be established. The old order – the power elite: those who have always held the reins of power and influence on Earth for eons, mainly through inheritance – is losing it and do not like it.

In fact, the thought of it terrifies them. Consequently, their efforts to retain what they consider to be their “divine right” to power and control become increasingly insane and inept as that power slips from their grasp. It is from the intense fear that this is causing them that the motivation to intervene militarily in Syria is driven: the fight-or-flight syndrome writ VERY large!

Apart from any other considerations, a military intervention in Syria will distract attention from their ongoing efforts to undo the changes that have been occurring, by introducing further laws and legislation to watch over and control their populations – legislation which they justify, as in the past, on the increasing numbers of terrorists whom they claim are planning to attack their cities and kill their citizens. Fortunately, those citizens have awakened to the total unreliability. . . nay, the dishonesty of these claims, and refuse to accept them, further undermining the power base to which the elite is addicted and to which it is clinging ferociously as it crumbles beneath them.

Changes of enormous significance are in progress, as you can clearly and suddenly see, now that the mainstream news media is no longer able to dismiss or ignore them. The changes have been planned very carefully and wisely by the upcoming leaders – men and women from all over the world, who incarnated at this moment in your human history to take on this great task. There have always been wise men and women working behind the scenes on Earth to assist in bringing about the changes that are now happening; indeed, there has been a tremendous amount of highly animated discussion and meticulous pre-planning involved in setting the stage for this moment in your history. And now those presently incarnated as humans are coming to the forefront, are coming into view to encourage and advise with great wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, and love those directly involved in bringing all to fruition.

Many new faces are set to appear on the international scene to calm down and pacify those who would rush to war. As they do so, you can all help by adding the “weight” of your intent to be loving and share love in every moment of your daily lives. Those loving intents that you hold and direct, or allow God to direct on your behalf, are indeed of great weight. They are intensely powerful, although to each one of you individually they may appear of very little significance.

So, let go of your doubts about your importance in this massive undertaking that is under way, and re-intensify your determined intent to be loving and to share your love at all times. That is your task, your reason for being embodied humans at this point in your spiritual evolution. No one else can do what you – each individual following her spiritual path – can do. The intent that every single one of you holds is essential, and when you awaken you will see why this is so. Every morning as you wake up, and every night as you prepare for sleep, intend to be love, share love, and extend love to all of humanity without exception, and know that God’s divine Will is being done.

You are to awaken into the most marvelous sense, awareness, experience of being infinitely and eternally loved. Without exception all on Earth are seeking to be fully loved and fully accepted, and a Reality far greater than you could ever have imagined or hoped for is about to unfold around you, bringing you into a state of divine bliss.

With so very much love, Saul.

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