Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spiritual Hierachy and the Galactic Federation Update

 Channelled Via Sheldan Nidle - Sept. 3, 2013 

 10 Cib, 19 Uo, 10 Caban
Selamat Balik! We come today with much to tell you. 
As you know, various events are underway which will lead to your grand victory. The requisite paperwork and signatures that were mentioned last week have been attended to. Our allies are managing the diverse situations on the world stage, and we have asked our observation fleet to stop the dark's attempts to force a large conflagration from breaking out. Accomplishing anything significant on your world is very challenging because of the obstacles thrown up by your cultural beliefs and administrative customs placed there by the dark, in addition to the curious complications created by your diverse global societies. Nonetheless, these potential obstacles were overcome with the help of a very detailed plan worked out between our allies and our consular liaisons, and these creative solutions are now being implemented and are fully expected to result in an all-out success. In the meantime, your present economic system is passing through a transition which includes the completion of the financial collapse set in motion by the dark cabal some ten years ago. In fact, this will now be more in the nature of a 'flip' of your systems, and will usher in a new economic age for all.

This new economic age is to see the end of your self-perpetuating debt slavery. In its place will come global debt forgiveness that some in the West are calling an economic jubilee. Money will then be based on a true-value scale. The price of goods and services will be deflated to pre-hyperinflation levels to more accurately reflect their true worth in your society. However, these set values are to be only temporary because, as the new technologies take hold, they, together with the new abundance, are eventually to make such values meaningless. Each household will be in receipt of an 'in-house Light processor' which will be able to create just about anything that you require, putting an abrupt end to the dictates of production costs and consumer demand which presently undergird your global economic system. At this point, your economic theories and concepts become obsolete; the disfiguring infrastructure of your industrial base can be removed; and, most importantly, the devastation wrought by an economy based on fossil fuels upon the ecosystems of Gaia can cease.

Once you no longer need to worry about essential goods and services, you are free to turn your attention fully to the creation and running of your society. You will be liberated from the stressful exigencies of survival which the dark milked to the full in order to control you by reducing you to the apathy of slavery. Apathy is a product of the old order and will vanish from your mindset as the new reality takes hold. Your new reality, which is appearing around you, needs your enthusiastic engagement and input. It is to be the fertile ground out of which your galactic society will form, and where each member creatively contributes to the whole. This is a natural process for which Heaven has simply provided a divine blueprint. Each society takes this template and modifies it according to its respective inclination. As a result, each star-nation becomes a reason to celebrate as its members employ their joint, creative talents to produce a galactic society that 'works.' When you reach this point we will introduce you to a panoply of possible versions from which to create your own unique adaptation. We can see that this grand plan is to deliver something truly magnificent!

This new reality is of course a fully conscious one. It is to be made up of individuals who accept the wonders of full consciousness and understand the social etiquette implicit in such an amazing state of Beingness. You are entering a reality that is so very different from the one you reside in. Everywhere, it reflects its unique form of Oneness and impresses its individual stamp on the way it functions. Once we can make open contact with you, we can prepare you for what you are to receive. Everything you presently know will shift upwards and be completely redone. In a galactic society, each one is completely known and their uniqueness celebrated; secrets are impossible. We enjoy being open with each other and learning about life from each other, and we rejoice in the wonders of our grand collective. We chant, sing, and dance to express this. We can truly see how our Love affects each one of us and can understand how it affects the entire magnificent universe. It is this indescribable world that you will shortly graduate into, with all that that so gloriously implies.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!

We come bearing good news. The dark world that you reside in is losing its power over you. The major underpinning for its control structure is a shrinking, ever-devolving financial system which is caught in a crisis from which it cannot escape. A new, credit-based monetary system is starting to replace the current fiat debit-based one, and this latter has no chance of overcoming the immensity of the debt it has accrued. Heaven, in her mercy, is allowing this cruel, inflation-creating system to simply fade away. Already, several new banking rules are in place and these will hasten the demise of the old system. We welcome those events that are to force this evil from power and from your new world, and we exalt and praise the transformations that are ready to manifest and which free you from odious debt slavery, returning your personal sovereignty to you. Heaven is orchestrating events which are to forever transform your world! These changes require you to learn about certain truths that the dark has long kept secret from you.

More importantly, the purpose behind the teachings of the Masters is to show you the magnificent power that you possess, which confers upon you divine responsibilities towards Gaia and all aspects of this sacred living universe. Our lessons will actually delve much deeper that your philosophies into the 'eternal mysteries.' 'Death' has no meaning for an Ascended Being of Light; we move as necessary between the realms of the physical and those of Spirit. On these journeys we learn about the very essence of Life and its relationship to the ineffable wisdom of the Creator. You will discover, as we did, the nature of your own divine service to Creation, and as your wisdom grows you will use it to bring forth the divine plan and help all Beings who make up the wondrous proliferation that is Life.

For us, divine service is a great pleasure and sharing our knowledge is a great joy. Each element of what we do has its counterpart in the ways of others, out of which the Creator weaves an ecstatic pattern. Based on our comprehension of this we share our wisdom with you and guide you in carrying out your contribution to shifting this realm fully into the Light. Our wisdom comes from the supreme Source of all things. When you achieve this state of oneness, you are able to experience the thrill that comes from contributing your own essence to the whole, and your entire Being is flooded with a sense of elation at the thought of what you are to accomplish. This is the state of bliss that the Creator has so lovingly decreed for you, and the next period of your lives is to be focused on becoming one with this indescribable state of Being! This will be coupled with the adventure of meeting your spiritual and space families.
sheldan nidle
Today, we carried on with our weekly message of what is happening around you. A great shift is happening on your world and throughout this solar system. It is a multidimensional 'jolt' that is to return you to your natural state: a fully conscious Being! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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